The Spent Poets

cataloging the musical output of a long-dead "alternative rock band" from San Francisco

exhaustive info about the under-appreciated first album and the legendary unreleased second album

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The Spent Poets
The Spent Poets
Adam Gates, The Filthy Ape, Madame Blavatsky Overdrive
Adam Gates, Madame Blavatsky
Overdrive, etc.
Derek Greenberg, Beanpole
Derek Greenberg, Beanpole, etc.
Matthew Winegar, Slider
Matthew Winegar, Slider, etc.
The Bone Factory, MandleAcid
The Bone Factory
Live Performances
Live Performances

Huge thanks to those who have directly helped me with info or the contents of this site over the years. Including: Andrew Allegrino, Adam Gates, Adam Gimbel, Derek Greenberg, Andrew McGowan, Jason Rush, Daniel Shepherd, Matthew Winegar, Greg (aka torturedmind).

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