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"Madame Blavatsky Overdrive thinks Digital Rights Management (DRM's) schemes suck.
DRM's are made to control how and where you play your music. The record industries pathetic kicking
 and screaming into the online digital age is nothing but the death knell of a outdated distribution 
 model, a model that keeps artists in servitude, that continues to make the 1% of the music industry
 extremely wealthy and that keeps new music in a perpetual state of imitation and stagnation.
But surprise! The labels are choking on their own vomit.
Check out what others think [dead link].
So we are trying something different.
We don't think our fans are thieves, we trust our fans and want them to give our music away to their 
friends. So you can download our first album (and all of our albums) for free. No questions asked.
IF you like the music enough and feel it's worth something then send us some money (whatever amount 
you think is "fair"..totally your call) via the Pay Pal link on the top of this page.
If you don't want to pay that's fine to. If you want to put our music up on every server on the net, 
that's fine as well. You are our distribution model.
We only ask you to adhere to this simple guideline:
    Don't sell our music. We use the Creative Commons license and our music is copy-written and protected.
    If you distribute the full album please use the same archived ZIP file that you download from our site.
That's it.
We hope you enjoy the music."

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